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Kerry Kiddie
Kerry Kiddie  
Flag US
February 11, 2022

"They care about their guests”

We had been staying at another motel and switched to this one. Lisa the general manager couldn't have been nicer nicer I was traveling with my mother who had just gotten out of a rehab hospital and was a need of a handicap room while she continued her recovery. Lisa made sure she was taking care of and helped anyway she could. She was so kind and friendly and actually cared, The rules she has in place are wonderful as she is protecting her guests to the best of her ability.The beds were so comfortable I didn't wan to leave. The room had a refrigerator and a microwave which was perfect for my mom to get back on her feet. I highly recommend, and when next and Phoenix will be staying there again. I felt safe and I felt safe leaving my mom there when I left knowing she'd be taken care of something happened and that they would be looking out for her well being. I very Much appreciated all of the kindness that was shown to my family.

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